EL-Gnedy Group Definition

Arab Union Glass is was founded by Mr. Sobhy ElGenady in 1960.
We have evolved into becoming the leader in
the glass processing industry with state of the
art top notch equipment and very high calibers.
Our team aims at noting less than remaining at
the top.
Arab Union Glass has been certified the ISO
9001 in quality management systems. We
insure that our team always receives to remain
technology and service up to datE002E
Our branches cover al of Egypt, in order to
insure all customers satisfaction.

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Is one of the fastest growing companies in Egypt and the Middle East in the field of operational processes on glass and stretching experience for more than 50 years, all thanks to the owners and different experiences in this area and seeking permanent access to the latest developments in the field of manufacturing processes on glass and innovations In decoration and company distinguish appeared to raise quality levels in operational processes and ongoing innovations in the field of decoration and interiors than her parents to get ISO 9001 certificate in quality management and business vary within the group are as follows: 1. run raw all kinds and colors, and different Deeks 4 mm to 20 mm 2. drawing operations-sanding-alrilf-algifrih-solution 3. print processes (ceramic +u.v) 4. spraying colors 5. other operations 6. trebelx operations of all kinds (this sculpted-colors-cloth-sheet-hire forming mirrors) 7. antique mirrors and under-watering mirrors 8. albombet (raw-Alma) 9. surround all furnitures design. 10. laser work on glass.
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Our mission is to be a market leader in the Glass Industry. Through team work, customer satisfaction, customer retention and guided by a set of principles and values we aim to achieve our goals. Our commitment to Quality and service are our hallmark to success .
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• Supply excellent quality Glass . • Maintain Excellent Rapport with clients. • Expand Production capacity to cater the growing glass market , and thereby increase our turnover. • New product development through innovation. • Last but not least, to expand our business with a strong global footprint.
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Raise the level of group workers to keep pace with the evolution in the glass industry. Provide a product of the highest quality specification. Expansion of the geographic coverage group branches
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ARAB UNION GLASS offers glass handrails with ultimate safety, magnificent designs and in different shapes such as...

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The Arab Union factory with a lot of tasks, according to the latest global design. shower cabins are modern and...

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Arab union group owns the largest security glass production line (altrbelx) is a thread over a layer of glass...

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Arab Federation have newer and faster machines, sanding and painting on glass characterized by accuracy and speed...

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the Success of the group will be come when we love everybody together (We love Each other)

sobhy El-Gnedy CEO

We love Each other

Tarek El-Gnedy CE0

Very successful company

Mohamed sobhy CEO