The largest shower cabin factories

The largest shower cabin factories

The largest shower cabin factories

Arab Union Glass Factory offers shower cabins with high-quality materials, with international standard specifications; Because it is one of the largest factories in the shower cabins in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Shower cabins are used in many bathrooms, as they give the bathroom more space for privacy, and add a wonderful aesthetic appearance to the place, and this type of cabins is characterized by the presence of an aluminum frame that prevents water leakage to the outside, as it has a high degree of rigidity and strength Durable, and when installing shower cabins, their consistency with the bathroom design is taken into account, which is something that many people overlook, so the Arab Union Glass Factory provides bathroom cabins in different shapes and designs that are unparalleled anywhere where the factory has a team of the largest specialized interior engineers with High experience in Egypt.

Advantages of shower cabins

The bathroom is one of the most private places in the house, and some of us prefer modern designs and others focus on performance, and one of the most prominent things in the bathroom are shower cabins as they are designed based on the modern needs of the bathroom, which combines the wonderful shape and the benefit; As a result of the diversity of bathtub designs, bathroom cabins differ in their shapes, as they are designed according to sizes, whether large or small, and shower cabins are easily installed in small and guest bathrooms, as well as can be installed in bathrooms that are not equipped with a bathtub .

The following is a set of the most prominent and important features of cabins The Shower:

• The shower cabins are distinguished by aluminum frames, and the accessories that make them tightly closed and prevent water from escaping outside.
It is considered one of the most luxurious decorations in the bathroom, as it is distinguished by its wonderful and exciting shapes, and adds a modern elegant touch to the bathroom; This makes Hammam a beautiful place that brings comfort and relaxation.
• It provides large areas in the bathroom, where it can be used instead of the bathtub. Shower glass does not take up any space at all.
• It maintains the temperature inside, which helps to keep warm during the shower. It also helps to reduce water splashing during the shower.
• It helps to get rid of extra weight because it traps the steam produced by the shower that is used as a steam bath.
• Bathroom cabins are absolutely inexpensive, as their prices are affordable for everyone.

Types of shower cabins

1. Shower cabins made of aluminum and tempered glass, and these cabins are available in multiple colors and drawings and with more than one size, so the customer can request the cabinet in the size that suits him, so it is considered the best.
2. Shawer object was manufactured from aluminum and polyester, and these cabins have a large number of designs with polystyrene that is characterized by its different shapes.

The forms of the latest Shore glass cabins in Egypt

There are countless shapes and types of glass shower cabins, including transparent and colored such as blue, green, brown and pink, and some are decorated, engraved, and sandblasted with chilled sand, and the glass can be painted with wonderful drawings, and it becomes like an art painting or a beautiful piece inside the bathroom, and the Arab Union Glass Factory provides its customers The best and latest forms of Shore glass cabins in Egypt, so that every customer can find what suits his taste.

Shore Cabins Factory

Dear reader, if you are looking for the most famous and best shower cabin factory in Egypt, then the Arab Union Glass Factory is your best choice; Because you will find the largest selection of bathtub cabins in Egypt at the best and cheapest prices ever ... Do not hesitate to deal with us.

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