Securit Glass Factory

Securit Glass Factory

Securit Glass Factory

If you are looking for the best securit glass factory in Egypt, you should call the numbers of the Arab Union Glass Factory, with it you will reach the results you want at the highest level; Because the factory has a wonderful assortment of the finest types of securit glass, and it also has special equipment for installing this type of glass, with the Arab Union Glass Factory you will get your purpose easily, and in the next lines we will talk to you about the most important information that you are looking for and want to know about glass Securit.

What is securit glass?

Securit glass is a normal glass that is tempered by heat, and it is cut into certain sizes before the tempering process.

Specifications of securit glass, and the difference between it and ordinary glass

Securit glass is known as insulating glass because it insulates loud sounds and disturbing noises, and it is a glass that has been treated with heat, as it is heated at a temperature of 680 degrees Celsius, and then cooled very quickly, and due to strong heating and rapid cooling, this type of glass acquires great strength Equivalent to the strength of any other type of glass; Therefore, securit glass bears all major shocks, high heat, and all other factors that ordinary glass will not be able to resist, and without causing any damage to it, but God forbid if it is exposed to a car collision, for example, or any solid object, it breaks down into very small pieces. It spreads and does not cause any damage if you touch anyone’s body, unlike ordinary glass, which if exposed to a shock it breaks into shrapnel and cuts it with sharp edges. If you touch a human body it is exposed to many serious damages, and the reason for this is due to the intense heating and rapid cooling to which the glass is exposed Securit.

As securit glass is used

Securit glass is widely used in storefronts and large commercial centers.
May be used in shower cabins.
It is used in the internal partitions of offices, companies, and modern residential units.
It is used in balconies, garden fences and swimming pools.
It is used in glass doors, interior and exterior windows for hotels, companies, malls, and stores.
Securit glass is considered one of the best and safest types of glass at all. If it is broken, the tempered glass turns into very small pieces, unlike ordinary glass, which turns into large shates with sharp and cutting edges; Therefore, securit glass is considered one of the safest types of glass, and it does not cause any damage when used, unlike ordinary glass. Therefore, it is widely used in mobile vehicles such as cars, trains and airplanes, and in storefronts.

Securit glass factories

The Arab Union Factory offers the cheapest securit glass factories in Egypt all the accessories of this glass, and all of them are simple, elegant and delicate, whether Ukrain, or koalin, or glass machines, and at very reasonable prices compared to the rest of the prices of other factories, with the Arab Union Factory for Glass you will find all your requests, God willing With a quality that is second to none, and as for the prices, do not worry at all, because this factory is considered one of the cheapest factories in Egypt despite the quality of its products, and the reason for this is the factory’s keenness to win the most valuable amount of new customers, and to provide products that exceed all expectations ... Deal with Arab Union Glass Factory and get the strongest discounts and best offers on all products and accessories.

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