The largest glass companies in Egypt 2021

The largest glass companies in Egypt 2021

The largest glass companies in Egypt 2021

Glass companies in Egypt

The glass industry is one of the most important industries currently in Egypt, as it requires skill and trained workers. Because its formation needs to be very professional in order to finally produce a high-quality product, and there are many companies working in this industry in Egypt, but the Arab Union Company remains one of the largest and best glass companies in Egypt and with everyone's testimony, the company specializes in producing glass for homes, And companies, shops, and glass products such as statues, antiques, decorations, and glass columns ... etc., and the company seeks to cover all the demands of the market and provide its needs of all kinds.
The Arab Union Company is the best glass company in Egypt that manufactures all types of glass, namely:
Double glass.
Securit glass.
• stained glass.
• stained glass.
• sandblasted glass.
• Structural glass.

Why Arab Union for Glass

The company uses a group of advanced equipment for the manufacture and formation of glass in order to be able to offer a product free from defects, whether it is blanks or glass bubbles.

The company was able to obtain quality certificates from the largest international companies, which praise the quality of all its production lines, and the quality and perfection of the products it offers; Which makes the consumer trust the company and deal with it without thinking because it guarantees a product at a special price.

The company has a large group of workers, and another group of experts and consultants with great experience in the field of the glass industry in order for the customer to obtain a unique and new design, and the company imports the best types of sand and the best resistant materials in order to produce strong glass that is resistant to natural factors that affect everything surrounding coffee beans.

The company strives significantly to provide high-quality products to the consumer, so the company uses the finest raw materials and provides them at the cheapest prices, as it does not seek material gain as much as it seeks to serve consumers, which works to push the production movement significantly and assign a large number of distinguished manpower, which made Arab Union Glass Company leads all glass companies in Egypt.

The company enjoys a privileged position that plays a very important role in marketing, as the factory is close to many residential cities that prefer to obtain glass and its products directly from the factory without going to dealers who change the price, so all that the customer does is go to the company and contract with it, and choose The appropriate quantity, and either the company conducts the delivery process, or the customer provides a safe means of delivery.

The company can create a very large number of shapes of glass and design it in a different and unusual way. Therefore, you find that the demand for the Arab Union Glass Company is increasing every day, despite the presence of many companies working in the same field in the Egyptian market.

The company guarantees to the customer all its products, due to its reliance on a team of the best technicians in the design and implementation of all glass works, modern facades, securit glass, and Alastrakash with the highest standards of professionalism and accuracy.

Arab Union Glass Company installs securit glass, glass facades, and decorative glass floors. And the glass partitions, and shower cabins for bathrooms, and is keen to provide all sizes and sizes to fit glass ceilings, and shower cabins that bear pressure and high temperatures.
The company provides the best maintenance services, and also provides glass spare parts of various kinds at very reasonable prices.

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